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Vice president of CAS Zhongli Ding visited GIBH

On the 20th of March, the vice president of CAS Zhongli Ding visited GIBH and had in depth discussion with GIBH leaders and scientist representatives. During the meeting, vice present of GIBH Hongming Hou gave a detailed presentation regarding the history, technology layout, development of platforms, talent recruitment and training as well as the achievements of GIBH. The representatives from the institutes of stem cell, chemical biology, public health and center for infection and immunity also gave presentations on their research projects and raised questions on the development of laboratory and training of postgraduates.  Director Zhongli Ding listened to all the presentations very carefully and answered all the questions. The meeting was hosted by Director Duanqing Pei.


At the end of the meeting, director Ding praised GIBH for its achievements on advanced biological concepts, talents recruitments and outstanding scientific accomplishments and gave many valuable recommendations for the future development of GIBH. In addition, he also pointed out that GIBH should further strengthen collaborations with international and domestic research institutes and further promote “one-three-five” strategic plan. Moreover, director Ding is also very pleased about the postgraduate training programs at GIBH and encouraged scientists at GIBH to give lectures at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


During his time at GIBH, director Ding was given a tour of the graduate apartment project and the main campus. Comrades from both CAS office and Guangzhou branch office have accompanied director Ding during his visit at GIBH.



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