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A Student's Life

Hi, my name is Ting Zhou, a graduate student in the PhD program of Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Since the summer of 2009, I have been doing my research in Dr Miguel Esteban's lab with a focus on reprogramming of human adult cells into iPSCs and differentiation of ESCs/iPSCs into the various types of cells that we are interested. Three years ago, I attended a summer camp holded by GIBH, and it's the first time I came to Guangzhou and knew this young institute. I was impressed by the professors and their great ideas. Finally I chose a foreign professor Miguel as my supervisor and started my research here. Sometimes I may very tired when finish the work in the lab, but more often I am so excited when I find something new or get good data and I really enjoy it. In my spare time, I would go watching movie or shopping in downtown to relax. Now the institute is geting stronger and more and more new excellent professors and students are coming. So, I have full confidence on myself that I can do better in my next two years study. 

My name is Jiekai Chen. I graduated from GIBH and gained phD degree at 2011. Shortly after the institutes were set up at 2006, I was enrolled and studied here. Prof. Duanqing Pei introduced GIBH to me and I found the goal of this institutes was to benefit the human healthy. I was expecting a great revolution would take place on medicine to treat those people suffered from chronic disease and hereditary disease by stem cells therapies. Therefore, I decided to join GIBH and devote myself to the research. Fortunately, the iPS technology emerged and we get very good chance to study leading area of stem cells. I was greatly cherished the study experience in GIBH in the past 4 years and the achievement I had made. The academic atmosphere of GIBH is free and allows me to do the most important thing. Some of my results have a strong application potential in chemical screening and mechanism research of iPSCs. 

My name is Guoling. I like studying biology and find GIBH a good option. The laboratory facilities are well equipped; I enjoyed studying here,gained a lot, and made many friends.
For a girl coming from the northern China, Guangzhou exhibits a unique cultural atmosphere.

My name is Christina and I come from Austria. Studying in China is something I never expected to end up doing in my life, but now I am in Guangzhou, a Phd. student in GIBH. Everything started when I was asked to take part in a student exchange program with China. It has always been a dream to work on stem cells, cell reprogramming and differentiation. So I moved to Guangzhou for six months to do my master thesis under the supervision of Dr. Miguel Esteban. When I arrived in Guangzhou, I was very impressed of the work people are doing and I realized quickly that I have the chance to pursue my passion for science here. I can work with top professors and students and I can work on something I was always dreaming of. So, I decided to stay for some more years to do my PhD in GIBH. The past year has changed my views, my opinions and my personality – it has changed my life. I learned a lot about a new culture and people’s different views and opinions. I am convinced I made the best decision when coming to China. I have gone through the process of adapting to a new life, been working with people very different from my previous university, I am learning a new language and trying to understand a culture so different from mine. I am very excited and motivated and looking forward to the next years here in GIBH.


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