Prof Pei Duanqing was elected as 2015 Chinese Annual Technology Innovator [2016-03-14]
Micky Tortorella attended 2016 Annual Guangzhou Government Congressional Meeting [2016-02-04]
Prof Eric Freed from US National Institutes of Health visited GIBH [2016-01-22]
GIBH Chief Technology officer Micky Tortorella has received Guangzhou Honorary Citizen Awards [2015-12-14]
Conversion of embryonic stem cells into extraembryonic lineages by CRISPR-mediated activators [2016-03-22]
Biochemical and Structural Insights into the Aminotransferase CrmG in Caerulomycin Biosynthesis [2016-03-16]
Scientists from GIBH discovered that proton channel activity of influenza A virus matrix protein ... [2016-03-15]
GIBH scientists discovered that dynamically reorganized chromatin is the key for the reprogrammin... [2016-01-27]
Drug Discovery Pipeline Report 2014
2014 DDP Overview
New Anti-leukaemia drug identified by DDP
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