The 7th Guangzhou International Conference on Stem Cells Convenes in the Baiyun International Con... [2015-01-27]
Dr. Kirk W. Deitsch, Professor of Cornell University Visits GIBH [2014-12-04]
GIBH hosts delegation from Berlin [2014-11-13]
Lawrence W. Stanton Professor of Genome Institute of Singapore Visits GIBH [2014-04-21]
Scientists at GIBH Discovered New Roadblocks for Somatic Cell Reprogramming [2014-10-21]
Scientists at GIBH discovered that Neurod1 can modulate opioid antinociceptive tolerance via two ... [2014-08-08]
GIBH scientists have successfully produced the world’s first Rosa26-targeted swine model [2014-04-02]
Generation of human Neuronal restricted progenitors by GIBH scientists [2014-03-04]
Drug Discovery Pipeline Report 2014
2014 DDP Overview
New Anti-leukaemia drug identified by DDP
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