GIBH-GMU Joint Bioscience College Opening Ceremony Successfully Held [2017-05-17]
Chinese Scientists Find New Process in Cell Differentiation [2017-05-04]
GIBH Created a Resistance Expression Cassette for Effective Construction of Selection-Marker Free... [2017-04-05]
Max Planck - GIBH Joint Center for Regenerative Biomedicine Launched in Guangzhou [2016-12-26]
Chinese Scientists Reveal A New Mechanism in Stem Cell Differentiation [2017-05-05]
GIBH scientists successfully carry out synthesis of imidazoles from ketones and aldehydes [2016-05-31]
A transition-metal-free conversion of 2-arylindoles to 2-aminoarylphenones has been developed by ... [2016-05-25]
Conversion of embryonic stem cells into extraembryonic lineages by CRISPR-mediated activators [2016-03-22]
Drug Discovery Pipeline Report 2014
2014 DDP Overview
New Anti-leukaemia drug identified by DDP
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