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Scientists Develop a Method to Engineer Cell States With Artificial Proteins [2018-08-03]
Scientists in China and UK Work to Help Tackle Global Health Epidemics [2018-05-28]
China creates medical instrument to culture stem cells automatically [2018-05-16]
FOXA1 Pairs With Itself To Make Sense of The Genomic Jungle [2018-04-25]
Chinese scientists find new method to induce stem cells [2018-04-09]
Pig Model of Huntington’s Offers Advantages for Testing Treatments [2018-03-30]
Researchers reported a new method for identifying ubiquitin interactions [2018-03-05]
Transcription factor Hoxb5 reprograms B cells into functional T lymphocytes [2018-02-13]
RICK: a novel approach to map RNA-protein interaction [2018-02-13]
Scientists of the Max Institute for Molecular Genetics Share Insights How DNA Dictates Cell States [2017-11-14]
Far East Chinese scientists meet their colleagues in Westphalian Münster [2017-10-23]
Scientists call for int'l cooperation in human embryo editing [2017-10-09]
Chinese Scientists discovered the rules for organelle remodeling during pluripotency acquirement [2017-08-02]
Chinese Scientists Reveal Novel Membrane Binding and Cargo Protein Recognition Mechanism For Sort... [2017-07-18]
Chinese Scientists Reveal A New Mechanism About Exosomes From Plasmodium-infected Hosts Inhibit T... [2017-07-06]
GIBH-GMU Joint Bioscience College Opening Ceremony Successfully Held [2017-05-17]
Chinese Scientists Find New Process in Cell Differentiation [2017-05-04]
GIBH Created a Resistance Expression Cassette for Effective Construction of Selection-Marker Free... [2017-04-05]
Max Planck - GIBH Joint Center for Regenerative Biomedicine Launched in Guangzhou [2016-12-26]
Stem Cell Research Centre Launched in Hong Kong by Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health [2016-12-23]

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