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Name Extension/ Office Eamil Address Lab/Dept.
Bai Yang bai_yang@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Bao Feixiang bao_feixiang@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Bao Xichen bao_xichen@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Bi Huixiang   Logistics
Cai Hua cai_hua@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Cai Jie cai_jie@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Cai Jinglei cai_jinglei@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Cai Qian cai_qian@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Cai Xiujuan cai_xiujuan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Cai Zheyu cai_zheyu@gibh.ac.cn Laboratory Animal
Cai Zhifeng cai_zhifeng@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Cao Chulin cao_chuqi@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Cha Lisha zha_lisha@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chang Shaohua chang_shaohua@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Chen Bailing chen_bailing@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chen Binzhao   Logistics
Chen Changyou   chen_changyou@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Chen Chaonan chen_chaonan@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Chen Chunlan chen_chunlan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chen Hongjuan   HR
Chen Jiekai chen_jiekai@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chen Jiekai chen_jiekai@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chen Jing chen_jing@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chen Junhua chen_junhua@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chen Ke chen_ke@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Chen Keshi chen_keshi@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chen Lili chen_lili@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Chen Ling   chen_ling@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Chen Qianyu chen_qianyu@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chen Shen chen_shen@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chen Shubing chen_shubin@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chen Wenyan cwyvivian@163.com Chemical Biology
Chen Xiaoping chen_xiaoping@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Chen Xing chen_xing@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Chen Yan chen_yan@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Chen Yanjun   chen_yanqun@gibh.ac.cn Zhou Guochun
Chen Yanqun chen_yanqun@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chen Ying   chen_ying@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Chen Yonglong chen_yonglong@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chen Yongqiang chen_yongqiang@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chen You chen_you@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chen Yue sdbs_001@sina.com Infection and Immunity
Chen Zhaoming chen_zhaoming@gibh.ac.cn Instrument Centre
Chen Zhifei square3266@sina.com Pipeline
Cheng Huimin   cheng_huimin@gibh.ac.cn Zhou Guochun
Cheng La cheng_na@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Cheng Xiaojie cheng_xiaojie@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Chi Weilin cwlpapers@163.com Chemical Biology
Christina christina@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Chu Shilong chu_shilong@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Cong Shujie cong_shujie@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Cui Yan cui_yan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Dan Weixing dan_weixing@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Deng Jifeng   deng_jifeng@gibh.ac.cn Dai Renke
Deng Paiquan   Administration 
Deng Wei deng_wei@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Ding Fang ding_fang@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Ding Haiyan   Science and Education
Ding Ke ding_ke@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Ding Mengxiao ding_mengxiao@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Dong Jianmei   dong_jianmei@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Dong Zhenyuan dong_zhenyuan Infection and Immunity
Du Bowen du_bowen@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Du Yifan du_yifan@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Duan Hongnan duan_hongnan@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Duan Lei duan_lei@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Dun Boying dun_boying@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Fan Nana fan_nana@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Fan Wenxia fan_wenxia@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Fang Haitong   fang_haitong@gibh.ac.cn Zhou Guangbiao
Fang Zhiyuan fang_zhiyuan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Feng Chengqian feng_chengqian@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Feng Liqiang feng_liqiang@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Feng Xiangjie feng_xiangjie@gibh.ac.cn Laboratory Animal
Feng Xueli fengxueli3@163.com Stem Cell
Feng Yijiao   Finance 
Feng Yubing fyb820411@yeah.net Pipeline
Feng Zhigang   Administration 
Fu Liangbing fu_liangbing@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Gao Chao gao_chao@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Gao Mingshan gao_mingshan@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Gao Xuefei gao_xuefei@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Gao Yongtao gao_yongtao@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Ge Chenchen ge_chenchen@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Ge Wanwen   Chemical Biology
Gong Hanwei gong_hanwei@gibh.ac.cn Instrument Centre
Gu Jing   Education
Gu Yanli gu_yanli@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Guan Quansheng gqs2872022@163.com Laboratory Animal
Guan Yu gong_yu@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Guan Yunmiao   Science and Education
Guo Gaoyang guo_gaoyang@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Guo Haijiang guo_haijiang@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Guo Jinjuan batty916@163.com Pipeline
Guo Lin guolin851221@yahoo.com Stem Cell
Guo Lin guo_lin09@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Guo Xiangpeng guo_xiangpeng@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Guo Xiaogang guo_xiaogang@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Han Chunfang hao_chunfang@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Han Dandan han_dandan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Han Qinghai   Administration 
Han Qingkai han_qingkai@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Han Yingli han_yingli@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Hao Jie hao_jie@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
He Songwei he_songwei@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
He Wei he_wei@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
He Yifeng   Logistics
He Yimiao he_yimiao@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
He Zhengxiang he_zhengxiang@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Hu Chengming hu_chengming@gibh.ac.cn Laboratory Animal
Hu Longpo hu_longbo@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Hu Wen hu_wen@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Hu Wenhui hu_wenhui@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Hu Xiangjing hu_xiangjing@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Hu Xiangjing hu_xiangjing@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Hu Xiaole   hus@u.washington.edu Infection and Immunity
Hu Zheng hu_zheng@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Hu Zhongguo genedhu@126.com Stem Cell
Hu Ziwei hu_ziwei@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Huang Fuguang   Administration 
Huang Jianchong huang_jianchong@gibh.ac.cn Management
Huang Jiao huang_jiao@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Huang Jing huang_jing@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Huang Ke huang_ke@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Huang Luyuan huang_luyuan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Huang Shijuan huang_shijuan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Huang Shilong huangtulong@126.com Stem Cell
Huang Shuxin   Administration 
Huang Weihao huang_wenhao@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Huang Xiaofen huang_xiaofeng@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Huang Xiaoli     Dai Renke
Huang Xiaoli huang_xiaoli@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Huang Yinghua   Stem Cell
Huang Zhenbo   huang_zhenbo@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Huang Zhouping   Science and Education
Jiang Baishan jiang_baishan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Jiang Baishan   jiang_baishan@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Jiang Hanfang jiang_hanfang@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Jiang Huanmei jhm_amay@163.com Pipeline
Jiang Junhu   Administration 
Jiang Sheng jiang_sheng@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Jie Yanling jieyanling2005@126.com Stem Cell
Jin Jian jin_jian@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Jin Zhihua   jin_yehua@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Lai Keyu lai_keyu@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Lai Liangxue lai_liangxue@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Lang Xingfen lang_xingfen@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Lei Shenghui   lei_shenghui@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Leng Fang leng_fang@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Li Caiyue li_caiyue@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Cui'e li_cuie@gibh.ac.cn Laboratory Animal
Li Cuiying licuiying_enya@163.com Stem Cell
Li Deyao   li_deyao@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Li Guangbing li_guangbing@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Li Hong   li_hong@gibh.ac.cn Zhou Guochun
Li Hongpo li_hongbo@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Hua   li_hua@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Li Jiawen li_jiawen@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Jing li_jing@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Jing li_jing2011@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Jinwen   Administration 
Li Junkai li_junkai@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Leike li_leike@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Li Miaoyan li_miaoyan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Na li_na@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Pingchao li_pingchao@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Li Qing lin_qing@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Li Qinyan li_qinyan@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Li Qinyan li_qinyan@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Li Shang lishang1986@126.com Chemical Biology
Li Shengpiao li_shengbiao@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Tianzhong li_tianzhong@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Ting li_ting08@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Li Weihua li_weihua@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Li Wen li_wen@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Wen li_wen2010@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Xianlin li_xianlin@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Li Xiaodan li_xiaodan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Xiaofen li_xiaofen@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Li Xiaofen li_xiaofen@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Li Xiaojing li_xiaojing@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Xingyan li_xingyan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Xinlei li_xinlei@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Li Yanhua li_yanhua@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Yayong lgy0982@163.com Infection and Immunity
Li Yingjun li_yingjun@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Li Yingying li_yingying@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Yinxiong li_yinxiong@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Youjia li_youjia@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Li Yuan li_yuan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Yupeng li_yupeng@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Li Yuxing li_yuxing@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Zhaotao   li_zhaotao@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Li Zhaotao li_zhaotao@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Li Zhiyuan li_zhiyuan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Li Zhuo li_zhuo@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liang Dongdong liang_dongdong@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Liang Dongquan   dong@aurorabiomed.com Stem Cell
Liang Haoqiang liang_haoqiang@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Liang Jian   Logistics
Liang Peizhou liang_peizhou@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Liang Tao   liang_tao@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liang Xin     Stem Cell
Liao Baojian liao_baojian@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liao Baojian liaobaojian@gmail.com Stem Cell
Lie Puchang lie_puchang@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Lin Wanhua lin_wanhua@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Lin Zuoxian lin_zuoxian@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liu Ang   Finance 
Liu Boyu liu_boyu@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Liu Chunping springpeace@tom.com Pipeline
Liu Dan liu_dan@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Liu Dapeng liu_dapeng@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liu Fengling liu_fengling@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liu Guangjie liu_guangjie@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Liu Guiyun liuyv1201@sohu.com Infection and Immunity
Liu He liu_he@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liu Jia   liu_jia@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Liu Jianguang liujianguang1986@163.com Chemical Biology
Liu Jianqi liu_jianqi@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Liu Jiantao LJT850305@126.com Stem Cell
Liu Jie liu_jie@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liu Jing starlj0925@163.com Stem Cell
Liu Jinglei   liu_jinglei@gibh.ac.cn Zhou Guangbiao
Liu Jinglei liu_jinglei@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liu Jingsong liu_jinsong@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Liu Jingxin liu_jingxin@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liu Lanying liu_lanying@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Liu Longqi liu_longqi@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liu Nian liunian09@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liu Peijun   perkinlew01@yahoo.com Chemical Biology
Liu Qiang     Chemical Biology
Liu Shuchang   liushuchang@sjtu.edu.cn Chemical Biology
Liu Siyuan liusiyuan_frank@126.com Infrastructure Dvpt. 
Liu Tao liu_tao@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liu Wenbo liu_wenbo@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Liu Xiaopeng liu_xiaopeng@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liu Xiaopeng liu_xiaopeng@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liu Xiaorong liu_xiaorong@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Liu Xingguo liu_xingguo@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liu Xingui liu_xingui@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Liu Xiu Jie liu_xiujie@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Liu Xiyin liu_xiyin@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Liu Yanghan liu_yanghan@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Liu Yichu liu_yichu@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Liu Ying   liu_ying@gibh.ac.cn Zhou Guangbiao
Liu Yingxue liuyingxue@live.cn Pipeline
Liu Yongqiang   liu_yongqiang@gibh.ac.cn Zhou Guangbiao
Liu Yunfeng   liu_yunfeng@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Liu Zhaoming liuzhaoming12@126.com Stem Cell
Liu Zi   liu_zi@gibh.ac.cn Zhou Guangbiao
Long Fei long_fei@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Long Huoyou long_huoyou@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Long Qi long_qi@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Long Yan long_yan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Lu Jianfeng   Logistics
Lu Man lvman8021@126.com Chemical Biology
Lu Na     Huang Zhiwei
Lu Shengxian   Science and Education
Lu Xiaoyun lu_xiaoyun@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Lu Xin lu_xin@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Lu Xuewen awen5983@163.com Stem Cell
Lu Yongzhi lu_yongzhi@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Luo Jinfeng luo_jinfeng@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Luo Mei luo_mei@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Luo Rongping luo_rongping@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Ma Bin     Chemical Biology
Ma Jieming   Administration 
Ma Lecheng   Education
Ma Liang   ma_liang@gibh.ac.cn Zhou Guangbiao
Ma Ning ma_ning@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Ma Yuhong   HR
Mao Liufeng mao_liufeng@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Mei Guoqiang mei_guoqiang@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Meng Chengcheng meng_chengcheng@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Meng Weixu meng_weixu@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
MengJun mengjun9988@sohu.com Business Development
MICKY D TORTORELLA m.tortorella@gibh.org Pipeline
Miguel Esteban esteban@gibh.org Stem Cell
Mo Kunlun mo_kunlun@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Ni Su ni_su@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Nie Tao nie_tao@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Niu Pen   HR
Ouyang Chanyan ouyangchuanyan813@163.com Stem Cell
Ouyang Zhen ooooyz@163.com Stem Cell
Pan Guangjin pan_guangjin@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Pan Qiong pan_qiong@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Pan Weiqi pan_weiqi@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Pan Xiaofen pan_xiaofen@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Pang Hongwen pang_hongwen@gibh.ac.cn Instrument Centre
Pao Xichen bao_xichen@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Pei Duanqing pei_duanqing@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Peng Changlan pengchanglan1982@163.com Pipeline
Peng Jiangling peng_jiangling@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Peng Li     Dai Renke
Peng Lijie peng_lijie@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Peng meixiu peng_meixiu@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Peng Qilong edragon6@163.com Chemical Biology
Peng Tao peng_tao@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Peng Wanfeng wpf1500@21cn.com Laboratory Animal
Qi Huayu qi_huayu@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Qi Jing qi_jing@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Qin Baoming qin_baoming@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Qin Dajiang qin_dajiang@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Qin Li qin_li@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Qin Zhiping   qinzhiping@foxmail.com Chemical Biology
Qing Xiaobing qing_xiaobing@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Qiu Fayang qiu_fayang@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Qiu Xiaohui qiu_xiaohui@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Qiu Yatao   qiu_yatao@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Qu Dezhong qu_dezhong@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Qu Linbing qu_linbing@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Qu Lizhi qu_lizhi@gibh.ac.cn Laboratory Animal
Rao Congsi rao_congsi@gibh.ac.cn Instrument Centre
Rao Xiurong rao@yahoo.com.cn Pipeline
Ren A'fang ren_afang@gibh.ac.cn Instrument Centre
Ren Xiaomei ren_xiaomei@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Ren Xiaoshuai ren_xiaoshuai@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Ren Yizhong ren_yizhong@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Ru Renli ru_renli@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Ruan Xiaohua ruan_xiaohua@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Rui Mao mao_rui@gibh.ac.cn Laboratory Animal
Scott Spillman s.spillman@gibh.org Pipeline
She Miaoqin she_miaoqin@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
She Songlin yu_songlin@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Shen Mengjie shen_mengjie@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Shen Youlin shen_youlin@gibh.ac.cn Infrastructure Dvpt. 
Sheng Guoqing   sheng_guoqing@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Shi Xi shi_xi@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Shu Xiaodong   shu_xiaodong@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Shu Yan shu_yan@gibh.ac.cn Instrument Centre
Song Hong song_hong@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Song Jibing   Logistics
Song Jun song_jun@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Su Qiang   su_qiang@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Su Wenhan su_wenhan@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Su Yajun su_yajun@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Su Zhenghui su_zhenghui@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Su Zhong su_zhong@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Sun Caijun sun_caijun@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Sun He     Dai Renke
Sun Li sun_li@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Sun Mingzhe sun_mingze@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Sun Qiao sun_qiao@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Sun Rongfang sun_rongfang@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Sun Shaoxian sun_shaoxian@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Sun Yanxia sun_yanxia@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Tan Jiang Jing tang_jiangjing@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Tan Limei qin_limei@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Tang Dong   Administration 
Tang Xiaofeng tang_xiaofeng@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Tao Kemei     Chemical Biology
Tao Zhu tao_zhu@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Tian Weihua tian_weihua@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Tong Yan dongyanhhht@163.com Chemical Biology
Tu Zhengchao tu_zhengchao@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Wan Junting wanjt2008@yahoo.com.cn Pipeline
Wang Anlan wang_anlan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wang Benfan   Infection and Immunity
Wang Bo wang_bo@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wang Deping wang_deping@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Wang Dongye zhuqwdy@yahoo.com Pipeline
Wang Fang wang_fang@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Wang Feifei wang_feifei@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Wang Guoxin xxnongda@126.com Chemical Biology
Wang Hao wang_hao@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wang Honggen   wang_honggen@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Wang Juan wangjuanamy1983@yahoo.com.cn Chemical Biology
Wang Jukun   Administration 
Wang Lihuang wang_lihui@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wang Lili   Stem Cell
Wang Linli wang_linli@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wang Nengqing wang_nengqing@gibh.ac.cn Business Development
Wang Ninan wang_nina@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Wang Peng wang_peng@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wang Qi   wang_qi@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Wang Qi wang_qi@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Wang Qiaona wang_qiaona@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wang Qiong qwiq123@tom.com Infection and Immunity
Wang Qiuyun qiuyunwang520@163.com Pipeline
Wang Tao wang_tao@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wang Wei wang_wei@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Wang Weidong   weidong0507@yahoo.com Pipeline
Wang Xianming wang_xianming@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wang Xianyang tatto3002@hotmail.com Chemical Biology
Wang Yi wang_yi@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Wang Yican wang_yican@gibn.ac.cn Pipeline
Wang Yong hsd_wy@126.com Chemical Biology
Wang Yu wang_yu@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wang Zhe wang_zhe@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Wang Zhi wang_zhi@gibh.ac.cn Laboratory Animal
Wang Zhong   zhwang@partners.org Stem Cell
Wei Bei wei_bei@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wei Guowei   wei_guowei@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Wei Jiajia wei_jiajia@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Wei Jizheng   Finance 
Wen Dingsheng wen_dingsheng@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Wen Donghai wen_donghai@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Wen Xian wen_xian@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wu Bin wu_bin@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wu Caixia caixia52@163.com Laboratory Animal
Wu Changwei wu_changwei@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wu Donghai wu_donghai@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wu Haitao wu_haitao@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wu Hongling wu_hongling@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Wu Lijuan   wu_lijuan@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Wu Wei wu_wei@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wu Wenbing cloudwwb@163.com Chemical Biology
Wu Yaoyao wu_yaoyao@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wu Yasong wu_yasong@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Wu Zhaoxia wu_zhaoxia@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Wu Zhijian   wu_zhijian@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Xia Hairong xia_hairong@gibh.ac.cn Instrument Centre
Xia Jianhong xia_jianhong@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Xiang Xiaoliang xiangxiaoliang225@163.com Stem Cell
Xiang Zhicheng xiangzhicheng2007@163.com Stem Cell
Xiao Jing xiao_jing@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Xiao Lijun   Infection and Immunity
Xiao Qicai qicaixiao@hotmail.com Chemical Biology
Xiao Yajuan xiao_yajuan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Xiao Yiping xiaoyiping99@163.com Pipeline
Xiao Zhuo xiao_zhuo@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Xie Haijun xie_haijun@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Xie Hui   xie_hui@gibh.ac.cn Dai Renke
Xing Xuerong xin_xuerong@gibh.ac.cn Management
Xiong Jingfang jfxiong@126.com Pipeline
Xiong Wei xiong_wei@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Xu Aimin   amxu@hkucc.hku.hk Stem Cell
Xu Dengfeng   xu_dengfeng@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Xu Hua xu_hua@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Xu Huijuan xuhuijuan20042002@yahoo.com.cn Pipeline
Xu Jianyong xu_jianyong@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Xu Jing xu_jing@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Xu Jingrong xu_jingrong@gibh.ac.cn Infrastructure Dvpt. 
Xu Jinxin   xu_jinxin@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Xu Kaibiao xukaibiao@163.com Stem Cell
Xu Liangliang xull04@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn Stem Cell
Xu Qianqian   fengzaibeiji@163.com Chemical Biology
Xu Qiong   HR
Xu Shilin xu_shilin@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Xu Tianfeng xu_tianfeng@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Xu Tingting   xu_tingting@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Xu Tingting xu_tingting@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Xu Yan xu_yan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Xu Yulan   Science and Education
Yan Jiajie yan_jiajie@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Yan Quanmei yan_quanmei@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Yang Dongshan yang_dongshan@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Yang Feng yang_feng@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Yang Huaqiang yang_huaqiang@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Yang Ji yang_ji@gibh.ac.cn Business Development
Yang Jianguo yang_jianguo@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Yang Jiaqi yang_jiaqi@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Yang Kai 275987111@qq.com Chemical Biology
Yang Lele muzilele12@yahoo.com.cn Stem Cell
Yang Ronghua yang_rongwen@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Yang Song yang_song@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Yang Yong yangyong03@lzu.cn Stem Cell
Yang Zengyun   Logistics
Yao Feng   fyao@rics.bwh.harvard.edu Infection and Immunity
Yao Guoqiang ygqlzdy@163.com Pipeline
Yao Wenxia yao_wenxia@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Yao Yongchao yao_yongchao@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Ye Heping ye_heping@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Yin Benpeng laoyin-23@163.com Infection and Immunity
Yin Jun yin_jun@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Yin Menghui yin_menghui@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Yin Wenguang yin_wenguang@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Ying Yue ying_yue@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
You Jing   Finance 
Yu Daiguan   yu_daiguan@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Yu Luxin yu_luxin@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Yu Qiaqia yu_qiaqia@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Yuan Kaiyu   Science and Education
Zeng Lili zll830305@126.com Chemical Biology
Zeng Lingwen zeng_lingwen@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zeng Shaogao zeng_shaogao@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Zeng Wentian zeng_wentian@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Zeng Xiaoming zeng_xiaoming@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zeng Xin zeng_xin@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Zhan Xiaoyong zhan_xiaoyong@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Zhang Beiwu zhang_beiwu@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Zhang Biliang zhang_biliang@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Zhang Chunfang feifei08@gmail.com Pipeline
Zhang Erjun zhang_erjun@gibh.ac.cn Laboratory Animal
Zhang Fangfang zhang_fangfang@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhang Feixiang zhang_fengxiang@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Zhang Guicheng zhang_guicheng@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Zhang Haiyang zhang_haixiang@gibh.ac.cn Instrument Centre
Zhang Hui   hui.zhang@jefferson.edu Infection and Immunity
Zhang Hui zhang_hui@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhang Hui zhang_hui09@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhang Jiancun zhang_jiancun@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Zhang Jin zhang_jin@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhang Lei jojo.zhanglei@yahoo.com.cn Infection and Immunity
Zhang Leilei zhang_leilei@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhang Lianwen   zhang_lianwen@gibh.ac.cn Zhou Guochun
Zhang Lifang   Finance 
Zhang Lixin   lzhang03@yahoo.com Infection and Immunity
Zhang Longmei zhang_longmei@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhang Maochao zhang_maochao@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Zhang Po   zhang_bo@gibh.ac.cn Zhou Guangbiao
Zhang Quanjun zhang_quanjun@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhang Shiqiang zhang_shiqiang@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhang Tianyu zhang_tianyu@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Zhang Tiejun zhang_tiejun@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhang Weimin zhang_weimin@gibh.ac.cn Laboratory Animal
Zhang Wenjuan   zhang_wenjuan@gibh.ac.cn Zhou Guochun
Zhang Wenjuan zhang_wenjuan09@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhang Wenjuan zhang_wenjuan2010@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhang Xiuqing zhang_xiuqing@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Zhang Ya zhang_ya@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhang Yanmei zhang_yanmei@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhang Yanmei zhang_yanmei@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Zhang yi zhang_yi@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhang Yinfeng yinfengz@mail.ustc.edu.cn Infection and Immunity
Zhang Ying zhang_ying@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Zhang Yujie   zhang_yujie@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Zhang Zhang zzmoxue@163.com Pipeline
Zhao Bentian zhao_bentian@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhao Danyun zhao_danyun@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhao Jiaji     Chemical Biology
Zhao Junling zhao_junling@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Zhao Liwen     Chemical Biology
Zhao Ping zhao_ping@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhao Siting zhao_siting@gibh.ac.cn Infection and Immunity
Zhao Xiangjie zhao_xiangjie@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhao Xin zhao_xin@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Zhao Yu   zhao_yu@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Zhao Yu zhaoyuman1985@yahoo.cn Stem Cell
Zhao Zhiju zhao_zhiju@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhen Jianlong   zheng_jianlong@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Zhen Qiqing   Administration 
Zhen Qunfang zheng_qunfang@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhen Xiaojie   Education
Zhen Xuehua zhengxueh2003@126.com Infection and Immunity
Zhen Yi zheng_yi@gibh.ac.cn Instrument Centre
Zhen Yunjie yunjie.zheng@163.com Chemical Biology
Zhen Zhuxia     Zhou Guochun
Zheng Hui zheng_hui@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhi Hui   Infection and Immunity
Zhong Guifa zhong_guifa@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Zhong Juan   Stem Cell
Zhong Shi zhong_shi@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Zhong Xu   Logistics
Zhou Chongbin   Logistics
Zhou Fengtao fengtaozhou@126.com Chemical Biology
Zhou Guangbiao   zhou_guangbiao@gibh.ac.cn Zhou Guangbiao
Zhou Jing   Finance 
Zhou Li zhou_li@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Zhou Tiancheng zhou_tiancheng@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhou Ting   zhou871229@163.com Stem Cell
Zhou Wei zhouo_wei@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Zhou Xi xixituo123@126.com Pipeline
Zhou Xiaomian     Stem Cell
Zhou Xingru zhou_xingru@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhou Xuemeng zhou_xuemeng@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhou Yuyie zhou_yuye@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhou Zongzhou zhou_zongzhou@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Zhu Danping   Administration 
Zhu Gengzhen zhu_gengzhen@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhu Jieying zhu_jieying@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhu Ningning   Administration 
Zhu Qiang zhu_qiang@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Zhu Xiaoxing willzhuu@126.com.cn Laboratory Animal
Zhu XiHua zhu_xihua@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhu Yongfeng zhu_yongfeng@gibh.ac.cn Management
Zhu Zeyao   zhu_zeyao@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Zhu Zihan   Administration 
Zhuang Qiang zhuang_qiang@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell
Zhuang Xiaoxi zhuang_xiaoxi@gibh.ac.cn Pipeline
Zou Dingbiao zou_dingbiao@gibh.ac.cn Chemical Biology
Zou Qingjian zou_qingjian@gibh.ac.cn Stem Cell

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