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Zhenxi Life Science Forum (Stem Cell) 2020 and Stem Cell Symposium Held in GIBH


On December 22, the "Zhenxi Life Science Forum (Stem Cell) 2020 and Stem Cell Symposium" was held in the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences (short as GIBH hereinafter). The event was co-launched and organized by Pan Guangjin, vice president of GIBH, and principal investigator Hui Lijian from the Molecular Cell Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

Centered around stem cell and regeneration, the event invited more than 30 researchers committed to the field of stem cell from the Molecular Cell Center, the Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Biological Island Laboratory, and GIBH.  18 researchers delivered wonderful academic speeches, the content of which ranges from the spatial transcriptome of embryonic development, to somatic cell reprogramming, stemness maintenance, and cell fate switching and epigenetic mechanism in the process of differentiation, from the seemingly simple cell proliferation-dormancy determination mechanism and post-division chromatin 3D Remodeling, to the topics as complex as the damage and repair of myocardium, muscles, tendons and lung cells, from the study of organ regeneration based on planarian as the model animal and artificial sperm cell mediated gene editing, to the development and application of new CART cells, bringing a sumptuous knowledge feast to GIBH teachers and students. In the event, research projects and findings such as the immortal planarian which can be reborn like phoenix in the myth and multi-functional, the textbook-rewriting early mouse embryo lineage development, and the genome tagging project that is expected to solve the issue of "gene desert" are mind-blowing, leaving deep impressions on everyone.    

This event was purely for academic exchanges with participants speaking freely and feeling not enough in a relaxed academic ambience. All parties expressed the same hope that it should be continued so as to collectively promote the development of the cell biology and stem cell disciplines in China. 

Zhenxi Life Science Forum (Stem Cell) 2020 and Stem Cell Symposium Held in GIBH