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The Institute of Public Health aims at systematically analyzing the many factors that threaten public health, translating the frontier cognition and technology of biomedicine, providing the right choices and recommendations for public health, offering the basis and advice on health policies and decisions that matter to the national economy and people's livelihood, and committing to decreasing the sub-health population, delaying aging and preventing diseases. 

Main directions: Three major research directions and related departments set up by the Institute of Public Health: 1) fundamental researches on environment and health; 2) population health indicators by molecular quantification and detection of major diseases; 3) biological treatment and clinical trials of new drugs in translational medicine.    

Scope of research: Information transduction and regulation & molecular qualitation and quantification of sub-health, cholesterol level and aging research in the population, metabolic balance and maintenance of stem cell activity, monitoring of in vivo metabolites of small molecule and risk assessment for disease, environmental factors and molecule underpinnings of regeneration and aging, molecular mechanism of disease, biomarker screening and early detection and intervention of disease. The Institute focuses on age-independent aging, obesity and other metabolic diseases, chronic liver disease, tissue damage caused by tumors and environmental factors, and integrates scientific research, healthcare and industrial resources to build a translational medicine platform, which transforms cutting-edge scientific research results into practical and feasible applications. 

Purposes: To provide the necessary theoretical support and scientific guidance for strategy and decisions in the field of public health in the Pearl River Delta and all over China, and to promote the development of tumors, obesity, environment and health, and detection of major diseases, etc.

Objectives: To establish a world-class platform for translational medicine with scientific research achievements, to build a multi-disciplinary and creative public health research team involving close collaboration and advanced technology, and to take the lead in the strategic development in the field of public health.