Stem cell and regenerative medicine is at the cutting edge of the fields of biomedicine and health research. Its mission is to find a new way to promote the self-healing and regeneration of the body by studying the mechanisms of stem cell differentiation, the wound healing and regeneration of the body tissue, and finally achieve the purpose of using stem cells to build new tissues and organs for the restorative treatment of organ injury diseases. In recent years, the international competition in the stem cell and regenerative medicine has promptly intensified, which has become an important indicator to measure the development level of life science and medicine in a nation. South China Institute of Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine was set up under this background in August, 2007.

Our research involves:  

1) Epigenetic regulation of cell fate transition;  

2) Cellular and molecular mechanisms of somatic cell reprogramming, pluripotency maintenance and differentiation;  

3) High efficient and non-integrated human iPS technology, human iPS cells and ES cells bank;  

4) Acquisition of functional blood stem cells, neural stem cells and hepatocytes;  

5) Humanized animal models, including pigs and next-generation immuodeficient rodents