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Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences (abbreviated as “GIBH”) is engaged in research areas including stem cell and regenerative medicine, chemical biology, immunology and infectious diseases, public health, and the development of novel scientific equipment. GIBH is exploring disease mechanism with the cutting-edge technologies and developing innovative protocols for disease control and prevention. 

GIBH currently consists of four core research unitsSouth China Institute of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Institute of Chemical Biology, Center for Infection and Immunity and Institute for Public Healthand a Drug Discovery Pipeline Core Transformation Unit. It provides state-of-the-art core facility and animal center, as well as Centers for Information Supercomputing. GIBH has established several key laboratories including CAS Regenerative Medicine Key Laboratory, Guangdong Province Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Key Laboratory and Guangdong Province Biomedical Computing Key Laboratory. 

GIBH recruits employees and graduate students worldwide. Currently, it has 358 employees and 403 graduate students which include 355 postgraduate students. In addition, GIBH has recruited more than 80 senior scientists and most of them are attracted from overseas. 

Researches in GIBH are funded by National Natural Science Foundation, CAS, Guangdong Province and Guangzhou municipal government. Researches in GIBH have resulted in more than 1680 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 1522 papers are included in SCI, 26 papers are included in Nature and14 papers are included in Cell. GIBH won many prestigious awards including two National Natural Science Award Second Prizes, one Achievements of Outstanding Science and Technology China Academy Award, one Southern Guangdong Special Contribution Award and Southern Guangdong Innovation Award, six Guangdong Province Science and Technology Award First Prizes and three Guangzhou Science and Technology Award First Prizes.  

GIBH provides Ph.D. programs in Biology, Basic Medicine and Medicinal Chemistry and master programs in Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering. In addition, GIBH has collaborative educational programs with China University of Science and Technology, Jilin University, Anhui Universities, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou Medical University etc.Moreover, GIBH provides academic training for international students at master or Ph.D. level and has accepted applicants from Spain, India, Pakistan etc.

GIBH highly values international cooperation and has established cooperation with Max Planck Society, University of Auckland, University of Hong Kong and Chinese University of Hong Kong. The Max Plank-GIBH Research Center is the first international research center of Max Plank Society in China and the GIBH-Hong Kong Center is the first registered entity of science and technology in Hong Kong on behalf of CAS. GIBH has successfully hosted "Guangzhou International Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Forum” for 12 consecutive years, which invited many world famous stem cell researchers including Nobel Laureates and promotes regenerative medicine research in South China.  

Research Area Wanted:  

The acquisition and study of therapeutic cells 

Self-renewal, differentiation and disease of tissue stem cell 

Gene editing and gene therapy 

Tumorigenesis and biotherapy strategies 

Big data analysis and accurate treatment of diseases of Biomedicine 

Etiology and pathogenesis 

Innovative vaccine and drug research and development 

Epidemiological studies of infectious diseases 

Research and development of biomedical equipment 

The Outstanding Talents wanted 

A、The International Outstanding Talents 

BThe Core Talents 

Professor or equivalent position in the well-known Chinese and international scientific research institutions, universities or the large-size enterprise research and development institutions, or the academic leaders of the related research field.  

CThe Backbone Talents 

Vice professor or equivalent position in the well-known Chinese and international scientific research institutions, universities or the large-size enterprise research and development institutions. With the strong innovative capabilities, and can meet the young talents programs funded by National, Provincial and municipal governments or CAS.  

DYouth Reserve Talents 

With the PhD degree and research experiences in the well-known Chinese and international scientific research institutions, universities or the large-size enterprise research and development institutions 

Remuneration and Benefit 

GIBH will offer the competitive remuneration and benefits, housing subsidy, start-up fund for scientific research for the talents, the details can be negotiable. 

Recruitment Process 

Please email your academic CV, achievements and other related documents to hr@gibh.ac.cn 

Welcome to join us!