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The 12th Guangzhou International Forum of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Held in Guangzhou


From November 19th to 20th, the Guangzhou International Forum of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine was held in Guangzhou. The conference invited top international experts and scholars from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain to discuss the latest internationally cutting-edge academic progress and hotspot topics in the field of stem cell and regenerative medicine. 

This event put stem cell, regenerative medicine and human health as the core theme, and was divided into four main sub-forums: cell fate determination mechanism, stem cell and human health, cell function and disease mechanism, and outlook on stem cell cutting-edge technology. Based on years of research experience, professor Thomas Graf systematically enunciated the important role of genomic conformation in the determination mechanism of cell fate. Professor Andrew Feinberg proposed the concept of "cancer is a disease of epigenetic stochasticity", and pointed out that epigenetic instability is the core of tumor development and the cause of cancerous mutations, underpinned by detailed examples from recent verification observations. Professor Stephen Weiss mainly shared with us the proteolytic remodeling and nuclear regulatory mechanisms of the extracellular matrix in the fate and function of stem cells. Professor Tony Green focused on the changes of hematopoietic stem cells in bone marrow malignant tumor and described in detail how the sequence of genetic mutations affect the patient's phenotype. From the latest research progress, professor Jing Naihe made a cross-the-board sharing on the research findings of the spatiotemporal molecular lineage of all germ layers during early embryo development . 

At the meeting, experts from different research directions conducted discussions and exchanges on population ageing, 3D biotechnology printing, and disease treatment plans with stem cells. 

Sponsored by the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Guangdong Provincial Lab of Guangzhou Regenerative Medicine and Health, and co-organized by the Key Laboratory of Regenerative Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, this forum has won strong supports from the Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, the Guangdong Technology Alliance of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Industry and other parties. As one of the most influential forums in the field of life sciences, this forum has been held for twelve sessions in a row, further enhancing the biomedical technology innovation capability and international influence of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and injecting positive stimulus into the development of stem cell and regenerative medicine research endeavour in China. 


The 12th Guangzhou International Forum of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Held in Guangzhou