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The 8th International Congress of Rabbit Biotechnology Held in Guangzhou


The 8th International Congress of Rabbit Biotechnology was held in Guangzhou from November 8th to 10th.  

This conference was sponsored by the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health (GIBH), Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Guangdong Provincial Lab of Guangzhou Regenerative Medicine and Health. It attracted more than 100 renowned experts and technicians specializing in rabbit technology from both home and abroad including China, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Hungry and Japan. The opening ceremony was presided over by principle investigator Dr. Lai Liangxue from GIBH and Duan Ziyuan, party secretary and vice president of GIBH, made the opening remarks on behalf of the hosting institutions. 

This event has specially invited prominent experts from home and abroad to make presentations, including the University of Yamanashi, Japan, Institute of Stem Cell and Brain Science, France, Martin-Luther-Universitat, Germany, University of Michigan, USA, Jilin University, and Jinan University. Centering around different themes such as the study of rabbit genomics and rabbit genetic editing technology, rabbit models for human diseases and the research and treatment of relevant diseases, and rabbit stem cell research, the participating specialists and scholars made multifaceted analyses from different perspectives and engaged themselves in extensive exchanges and discussions with the audience. 

The conference also witnessed the awarding ceremony of the distinguished scientist prize, which went to Dr. Zsusanna Bosze for his outstanding contributions in the field of rabbit genetic modification. Chairman professor Fan Jianglin presided over the ceremony. 

After first convened in Tsukuba, Japan in 2005, the International Congress of Rabbit Biotechnology has been held in France, China, Hungry and Japan successively. The current conference is the third session in China after the Xi’an and Shanghai events. The success of this conference has further intensified the exchange between Chinese experts and scholars and international high-end specialists in the rabbit research field, elevated the international academic impact of Chinese rabbit biotechnology, and played a positive role in the development of rabbit-related industries in China. 


The 8th International Congress of Rabbit Biotechnology Held in Guangzhou