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A Delegation Led by Nina Shen from Health Department of Queensland of Australia Visited GIBH


On the morning of April 10th, Nina Shen, in charge of external collaboration in China region for the Health Department of the Queensland State of Australia, led a delegation to visit the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health (GIBH), Chinese Academy of Sciences. Duan Ziyuan, deputy party secretary of GIBH, Li Yinxiong, vice president of GIBH, and relevant scientist representatives held a reception for the guests. Feng Zhiwei, chief of the Innovation Platform Department of the Science and Technology Bureau of the Economy Development Zone of Guangzhou, accompanied the delegation. 

Duan Ziyuan welcomed the delegation led by Nina Shen and made an introduction of GIBH’s construction milestones, deployed disciplines, development planning, international collaboration and postgraduates cultivation. In turn, Nina Shen introduced relevant policies and conditions promulgated in the Queensland State on basic research and clinical trial, and expressed the desire of further intensifying the collaboration between the universities and research institutions in the Queensland State and GIBH. Both sides have also exchanges views on deepening collaboration in the areas of the scientific research of life science and translational medicine and collaborative cultivation of postgraduates. 

The GIBH and the University of Queensland and other research institutions in Australia have been maintaining sound collaborative relationship. The two parties have already conducted multifaceted collaborations and exchanges in biomedicine and health. In the future they will continue the collaborations in research collaboration and talent exchange and cultivation.