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Jingyong Wang, Ph. D.

Principal Investigator






  Jinyong Wang, Ph.D., joined GIBH-Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2012.He is principal investigator of Blood & Immune Cell Regeneration Lab. His group made contributions in generating functional T cells from B cells or pluripotent stem cells.


  Lab Members updated Aug 2018:


Jinyong Wang, PI

Juan Du, Associate Investigator

Tongjie Wang, Postdoc Fellow

Hongling Wu, Research Associate

Yang Geng, Lab Manager

Xiaofei Liu, Flow Specialist

Lijuan Liu, Research Assistant

Rongqun Guo, Graduate student

Fangxiao Hu, Graduate student

Chengxiang Xia, Graduate student

Peiqing Zhou, Graduate student

Ying Wang, Graduate student

Cui Lv, Graduate student

Qitong Weng, Graduate student

Qi Zhang, Graduate student

Dehao Huang,Graduate student

Shoubing Chen, Graduate student

Kaitao Wang, Graduate student

Research Interests: 


Selected Publications: 

[2] Li, X., C. Xia, T. Wang, L. Liu, Q. Zhao, D. Yang, F. Hu, M. Zhang, K. Huang, Y. Geng, Y. Zheng, Y. Guan, H. Wu, X. Chen, G. Pan, J. Chen, J. Du and J. Wang (2017). "Pyrimidoindole derivative UM171 enhances derivation of hematopoietic progenitor cells from human pluripotent stem cells." Stem Cell Research, 21: 32-39.

[3] Chen, X., Q. Zhao, C. Li, Y. Geng, K. Huang, J. Zhang, X. Wang, J. Yang, T. Wang, C. Xia, X. Liu, M. Meng, D. Yang, Y. Zheng, J. Du, X. Zhang, J. Chen, G. Pan and J. Wang (2015). "OP9-Lhx2 stromal cells facilitate derivation of hematopoietic progenitors both in vitro and in vivo." Stem Cell Research, 15(2): 395-402.

[4] Wang, T., C. Li, C. Xia, Y. Dong, D. Yang, Y. Geng, J. Cai, J. Zhang, X. Zhang and J. Wang (2015). "Oncogenic NRAS hyper-activates multiple pathways in human cord blood stem/progenitor cells and promotes myelomonocytic proliferation in vivo." American Journal of Translational Research, 7(10): 1963-1973.

[5] Yang, D., X. Zhang, Y. Dong, X. Liu, T. Wang, X. Wang, Y. Geng, S. Fang, Y. Zheng, X. Chen, J. Chen, G. Pan and J. Wang (2015). "Enforced expression of Hoxa5 in haematopoietic stem cells leads to aberrant erythropoiesis in vivo." Cell Cycle, 14(4): 612-620.

[6] Wang, J., G. Kong, Y. Liu, J. Du, Y. I. Chang, S. R. Tey, X. Zhang, E. A. Ranheim, M. K. Saba-El-Leil, S. Meloche, A. Damnernsawad, J. Zhang and J. Zhang (2013). "Nras(G12D/+) promotes leukemogenesis by aberrantly regulating hematopoietic stem cell functions." Blood, 121(26): 5203-5207.

[7] Wang, J., Y. Liu, Z. Li, Z. Wang, L. X. Tan, M. J. Ryu, B. Meline, J. Du, K. H. Young, E. Ranheim, Q. Chang and J. Zhang (2011). "Endogenous oncogenic Nras mutation initiates hematopoietic malignancies in a dose- and cell type-dependent manner." Blood, 118(2): 368-379.

[8] Wang, J., Y. Liu, Z. Li, J. Du, M. J. Ryu, P. R. Taylor, M. D. Fleming, K. H. Young, H. Pitot and J. Zhang (2010). "Endogenous oncogenic Nras mutation promotes aberrant GM-CSF signaling in granulocytic/monocytic precursors in a murine model of chronic myelomonocytic leukemia." Blood, 116(26): 5991-6002.






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