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Shu's Laboratory

Xiaodong Shu, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator,
Key Laboratory of Regenerative Biology

1989-1993  Fudan University, B. Sc
1993-1996  Peking University, M. Sc
1996-2002  University of Southern California, Ph. D.
2002-2007  University of California, Los Angeles, Postdoc


We study the mechanism of organ formation (mainly endoderm-derived organs) in the zebrafish model. Currently we are working on:
(1) Molecular mechanism of liver/pancreas development;
(2) Hepatocyte fate determination and targeted differentiation to hepatocyte in vivo and in vitro;
(3) Mechanism of cilium formation and its role during organogenesis (left-right patterning, hair cell development etc.).

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