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Ralf Jauch

Group Leader 


Dr. Ralf Jauch studied Biology, Psychology and Archeology in Jena (Germany) and Manchester (UK) before doing his PhD in a molecular biology program from 2001-2005 at the Max-Planck-Institut für biophyskalische Chemie in Göttingen, Germany. In 2006 he got attracted to Singapore to join the recently established Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS, part of the A*STAR family) for postdoctoral training. From 2008-2013 he continued at the GIS as a research scientist and drove an interdisciplinary program at the interface of structural biochemistry, genomics and stem cell biology. In 2013 he joined the GIBH as principle investigator and carries out translation research within the DDP as well as academic projects within the stem cell institute.





Our interest is to decipher the ‘enhancer code’, that is we wish to understand how regulatory information is genetically hard-wired in the genome. The ‘enhancer code’ determines when and where genes are expressed in our bodies and hence underlies the development of individuals, of species during evolution as well as of tumors when cancers arise. This code is ‘read’ by transcription factor proteins (TFs) that collaborate to trigger cell fate decisions. We use a combination of genomics (bioinformatics and next generation sequencing), structural biochemistry and stem stem cell biology. Goal of our work is to gain fundamental insights into genome regulation and protein-DNA recognition. We hope to translate these insights to generate synthetic factors to optimize cellular reprogramming to obtain cells suitable for replacement therapies. We also attempt to develop small-molecule as well as nucleic acid based drugs that target TFs and other genome regulators. Interested individuals are invited to submit their resumes to join our team for studentships, research associate and postdoctoral positions.


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Granted Patents:


Jauchr R, Kolatkar PR, Aksoy I, Stanton LW. Mutant Sox Proteins and methods of inducing pluripotency. No. 61/272,793, filed on November 4, 2009


Jauch R, Wahl MC et al. Crystallographic Structure of Mnk2 and Mnk1.(EP 050198899.3). assignee: DeveloGen AG and Max-Planck-Gesellschaft. filing date 13.9.2005


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