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South China Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Key Laboratory of Regenerative Biology, CAS

Research Areas:

1. Chemical Biology for Stem Cell
2. Stem Cell Physiology
3. Reproduction and Development
4. Somatic Cell Reprogram
5. Stem Cell Therapeutic
6. Stem Cell Differentiation
7. Molecular Diagnose and Stem Cell
8. Animal Clone and Gene Transfer
9. Stem Cell and Self Renew

Supporting facilities for stem cell research:

1) Stem cell bank, which containing stem cells and iPS cells for different species and iPS cells from patient with a variety of diseases;
2) Large animal culturing facility, which is capable to maintain more than 1500 Tibetan miniature pigs and 1000 rhesus monkeys at the same time;
3) Molecular and cellular research equipment center, which includes live-cell imaging system, two-photon microscope, sorting machines, patch-clamp and others to serve the identification, culturing, and the sorting during stem cell maintain and differentiation;
4) Small animal culturing facility, which is capable to maintain more than 50,000 mice at the same time and has a group of intelligent scientists to do animal behavior tests, knock-out/in, chimera mice assay, and tetraploid complementation assay;
5) Material bank, which stores the growth factors, antibodies, and small molecule chemicals and has the ability to produce the routine-used factors during stem cell culturing;
6) Super-computer center, which is designed to support the mathematic calculation during investigation like bio-informatics prediction and micro-array clustering.

Funds and Support:

National Natural Science Foundation of China
Key Technologies R&D Program, 973 Program of China
Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Bureau of Science and Technology of Guangzhou Municipality
Chinese Academy of Sciences

International Scientific Cooperation Base:

Chinese Academy of Sciences/SAFEA International Partnership Program for Creative Research Teams: Stem Cell and Clone Group
German-Chinese Junior Researcher Group: New Methods of Gene Therapy for Acquired and Inherited Diseases
Program of International S&T Cooperation: Study on Mechanism of induced pluripotent stem cell and its clinical application (Scripps Research Institute)
MOU with Korea Stem Cell Research Center /YonSei University College of Medicine
MOU with Faculty of Medicine, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

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