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External Collaborations

In order to enhance the drug discovery efforts at GIBH, the DDP has established several international partnerships with premier scientists and institutions in the United States and China with the mission of co-developing drugs. Our international partners offer experience and innovation in drug discovery. In addition, these collaborations allow GIBH to share the risk and expenses associated with drug development. Currently, GIBH external partnership’s (Figure 5) include:

• The Center for World Health & Medicine at Saint Louis University (www.cwhm.org).
Development of inhibitors of plasmepsin V as novel anti-malarial agents.

• Dr. John J. Talley. Development of 3rd generation Cox-2 selective inhibitors.

• Professor Jufang He at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (http://www.polyu.edu.hk).
Advancement of CCKBR agonists for the improvement of memory.

• Dr. Jinsong Zhu, CEO of Plexera Inc. (www.plexera.com). Development of compound micro-array chips for repositioning of clinical candidate compounds.

• Professor Anne-Marie Malfait, PhD, MD at Rush Medical Center (www.rush.edu). Understanding the biochemistry of OA pain using transgenic mice.

• Shanghai Institute of Material Medica (http://www.simm.ac.cn/). Development of EGFR inhibitors for the treatment of cancers


International Collaborations: Partnerships with leading institutions in USA and China.


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