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Liu's Laboratory

Xingguo Liu, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator, Professor

Dr. Xingguo Liu received his B. Sc. in Biotechnology from Shandong University, China in Jul, 2002, and Ph.D in Biology from Tsinghua University, China in Jan, 2007. During his Ph.D program, he was honored the First Rank Scholarship of Tsinghua University (top1%) as his research achievements. After obtaining Ph. D in Tsinghua University, Dr. Liu went to USA, as Postdoctoral Research Fellow working at Gyorgy Hajnoczky’ lab in Thomas Jefferson University. He was honored “2011 Young Bioenergeticist Award” by Biophysical Society, and this award is "In recognition of your contribution and potential for leadship in the field of Bioenergetics" and worldwide only one. From July 2010, Dr. Liu joined Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Science as PI and Professor. Dr. Liu is member of Biophysical Society, and reviewer of two international journals. He was the invited speaker in many international meetings. Now he takes charge of several grants such as NSFC.


We are aiming mechanism of stem cells fate and modeling/therapy of human genetic diseases. The directions of our lab are:
(1) Role of metabolism and mitochondria in fate of stem cells
(2) Role of cellular signaling in fate of stem cells
(3) Mechanisms of human genetic diseases and therapy by stem cells
(4) Synthetic biology

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