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Scientists from Karolinska Institute, Sweden, Visited GIBH [2006-12-31]
British Permanent Secretary of Trade and Industry and the British Consultant General of Guangzhou... [2006-12-31]
2006 Guangzhou International Biomedicine Forum Opened [2006-12-31]
2006 Guangzhou International Biomedicine Forum [2006-12-31]
Speeding up the Modernization and Globalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine [2006-12-31]
2005 Guangzhou International Biomedicine Day [2006-12-31]
An Academic and Technology Exchange between GIBH and SIMM [2006-12-31]
GIBH 2005 Progress Report Forum [2006-12-31]
A visit by Eli Lilly & Co. at GIBH [2006-12-31]
Medical Research Council visited GIBH [2006-12-31]

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