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GIBH has successfully generated unique replication-competent recombinant influenza A viruses whic... [2011-03-17]
GIBH has discovered a new mechanism of VHL gene in renal cysts [2011-01-28]
Leaders of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) inspect GIBH [2011-01-28]
The First Transgenic Pig Model of Huntington’s Disease [2011-01-05]
Vice Chairman of National People's Congress SANG Weiguo Inspect GIBH [2010-06-01]
21st Century South Korea-China Exchange Association Visit GIBH [2010-05-20]
Vice President of Fudan University visits GIBH [2010-05-12]
Academy of Military Medical Sciences Visits GIBH [2010-04-23]
China Science & Technology Network Visits GIBH [2010-04-16]
DING Ke Won 10th Guangdong Dingying Science Award [2010-04-09]
1st Academic Committee Meeting of Key Laboratory of Regenerative Biology, CAS [2010-03-31]
A Breakthrough - Vitamin C Open up a New Chapter in induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) Study [2010-01-13]
Prof. Robert Weinberg visited GIBH [2009-11-26]
A collaboration agreement was signed by GIBH and Guangdong Wen's Group [2009-11-23]
Guangdong International Technology Collaboration Demonstrative Base of Stem Cells and Regenerativ... [2009-11-23]
Academician Guohui SU of Hong Kong University Visits GIBH [2009-03-18]
Scientist at GIBH Receive Special Government Premium [2009-03-18]
A New Leadership at GIBH [2008-08-27]
GIBH Hosts the 10th Anniversary of China's "973 Project" and Symposium on Ste... [2008-08-12]
16 Degree Candidates Passed Thesis Defense at GIBH [2008-06-23]

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