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DDP Chief Scientific Officer Micky attended 2015 China Healthcare Summit


    The 2nd BioCentury China Healthcare Summit was held in Shanghai from 20th-21st of October 2015. The summit has gathered top thinkers from industry, academia and finance to identify who would lead China’s biopharma innovation ecosystem, how innovation would be funded, and the business strategies required to transform both domestic and multinational biopharmas as China advances its innovation agenda. The BioCentury China Healthcare Summit has included discussion of an exclusive conference report from their insight partners and companies on transforming biopharma business models as China’s Healthcare system evolves. The summit has also hosted the annual BayHelix Awards to celebrate R&D and commercial achievements in China. Attendance has been limited as this is a strategic and VIP-only event to ensure intimate dialogue and networking among peers.

    The Drug Discovery Pipeline (DDP) was established in 2009 at the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health (GIBH). The mission of the DDP is to capture the best ideas developed within GIBH and translate those ideas into drug discovery projects. Prior to the creation of the DDP, there was no mechanism in place to transform basic concepts into viable drug discovery projects. However, after the formation of the DDP, GIBH now has the required expertise, platform technologies, structure and necessary integration of disciplines to enable effective drug discovery research. This drug discovery model is unique to GIBH and not found at other institutes in China. Since its inception the DDP has achieved many important milestones, one of the most impressive achievements is that DDP is expected to advance a new drug into clinical trials in 2016.

    During 2015 BioCentury China Healthcare Summit, DDP Chief Scientific Officer Micky Tortorella has been invited to chair a session entitled “ what makes science investable”. One focus of the meeting was how to do innovative drug discovery in China. During the meeting, micky gave an introduction about the development status and achievements of DDP in recent years. The DDP model of drug discovery at GIBH was embraced and GIBH was recognized as a key opinion leader and would play a key role in shaping translational research in China.











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