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Chief Executive of Fujian Yewpark Biological Compay Visits GIBH

The Chief Executive of Fujian Yewpark Biological Compay, Mr. Li Changming visited GIBH on March 18th, 2014. Micky Tortorella, Chief Technology Officer at GIBH welcomed the Mr. Li. The purpose of his visit was to discuss potential collaborations with GIBH. 



During the meeting, Mr. Li and Micky discussed the several possible joint projects around developing taxus chinensis in new ways including chemical modification; creating taxanes compound libraries for HTS and exploring their application for anti-TB treatment. At the end of the meeting both sides reached an agreement and signed a memorandum of understanding. 



Established in 2008, Fujian Yewpark Biology Company is mainly engaged in taxane based bio-technology including its refinement and purification. The company has a taxus chinensis plantation covering an area of 2000 hectare and has API factories capable of processing 100kg taxol, 400-500kg 10-DAB and 200kg 7-Xylose yew. 



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