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Jiancun Zhang, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator

Ph. D., Organic Chemistry, August, 1990, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, Advisor, Dennis P. Curran
English Language Certificate, May, 1985, Guangzhou English Language Center,  Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, China
B. S., Chemistry, June 1984, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Principle Investigator
Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health, 2005, 1 -present
Chief Scientific Officer
Tsinghua Yuanxing Biopharmaceutical Inc. (www.thyx.com), Shenzhen, China, 2001.11-2004, 12
Professor of Chemistry, Shanghai Jiaotong University, 2002-2004.12
Scientist, Senior Scientist and Project Leader, Gilead Sciences, Inc. (www.gilead.com), 344 Lakeside Dr., Foster City, CA 94404, September, 1992, 9-2001, 12
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Duke University, Durham, NC 27706, September, 1990-August, 1992
Teaching Fellow, Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, September 1985-August, 1990.

Andrew Mellon Predoctoral Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh, 1988-1989
Chemistry Graduate Program Fellowship, Cosponsored by the Education Ministry, PR
China and Professor William Doering of Harvard University, 1984-1990

American Chemical Society
Chinese American Chemical Society
Society of Chinese Bioscientists
Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Association


Extensive technical experience in organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry and medicinal chemistry; Expertise in new synthetic method development, medicinal chemistry, new drug design, nucleic acid chemistry and pharmaceutical development; Excellent organizational, supervisory, and communication skills; Extensive experience in rational drug design pharmaceutical and biotechnological products and business development; Extensive management and research experiences in biopharmaceutical industries both in the US and China.

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