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Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer
Micky Tortorella
Micky Tortorella is a former Senior Principal Investigator at Pfizer (2001-2009) with 15 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to working at Pfizer he had a successful tenure as a Research Scientist at DuPont Pharmaceuticals (1993-2000). His previous work has focused on understanding the biochemical mechanisms involved in the turnover and degradation of the cartilage matrix, which led to the discovery of ADAMTS-4 and -5, enzymes responsible for aggrecan catabolism in arthritic diseases. His current research continues to focus on elucidating the mechanisms that mediate cartilage and bone degradation during the progression of arthritis and developing therapies for blocking these processes using innovative biochemical, biophysical, molecular and cell imaging technologies. Principal Investigator Tortorella is regarded as a key opinion leader in the United States as well as internationally in osteoarthritis, metalloproteinase biology and in developing pharmaceutical drugs, with over 45 publications in top tier journals and 10 US patents. He has led and provided direction to multiple discovery teams applying basic biology to the drug discovery process, including identification of novel targets, innovation in assay development and the advancement of small molecule inhibitors. Micky Tortorella recently joined GIBH in May 2009 and is responsible for creating and leading an integrated drug discovery centre focused on developing disease modifying pharmaceutical drugs in the areas of oncology, CNS, infectious diseases and arthritis.



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