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GIBH’s new progress of treating clinically non-small-cell Lung cancer (NSCLC) patients with acqu... [2013-07-15]
GIBH scientists explore the mechanism of opioids to regulate mice memory [2013-06-20]
A Novel Extended PX Domain from Sorting Nexins Has Been Identified by GIBH Scientists [2013-05-24]
CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship Programme For PhD Candidates from Developing Countries [2013-03-27]
GIBH Scientists and their collaborators have made a major breakthrough in the generation of clone... [2013-01-21]
A new series of largazole analogues have been identified by GIBH scientists [2013-01-08]
Scientists from GIBH have found new use for cells in human urine [2012-12-29]
Important phenomenon has been discovered by scientists from GIBH in the field of iPSCs [2012-12-29]
Scientists from GIBH have made new achievements in the field of Adenovirus-Vectored Vaccination [2012-11-07]
GIBH has developed a new chemical class of COX-2 inhibitors [2012-08-15]
An efficient method for the synthesis of [1,2,3]triazolo[1,5-a]quinoxalin-4(5H)-ones and 1H-[1,2,... [2012-08-14]
Discover Cell Regeneration [2012-07-09]
Homeoprotein hhex-induced conversion of intestinal to ventral pancreatic precursors results in th... [2012-06-19]
Modeling Abnormal Early Development with Induced Pluripotent [2012-06-04]
A New Biosensor for Nucleic Acid Detection [2012-05-21]
A Sensitive and Label-free Biosensor for Lead Detection Based on Novel Fluorescent Copper Nanopar... [2012-05-21]
The Synthesis of Dibenzofuran Derivatives through C-H Activation [2012-05-17]
Direct Carboxamidation of Indoles by Palladium-catalyzed C–H Activation and Isocyanide Insertion [2012-05-08]
GIBH Discovered The Regulatory Roles Played By Cholesterol Level On Receptor Functions [2012-04-17]
Dr. Alexander Strunnikov of GIBH receives the Global Recruitment Award within the Thousand Talent... [2012-03-30]

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